Red Balloon 2017

Olá Red Ballooners,
Assistam o vídeo pois ele contém informações fundamentais para que a chegada de todos ao NR seja tranquila.
Caso você não consiga entender o áudio ou as instruções do vídeo, leia abaixo a transcrição.

Sexta feira receberemos vocês no NR para mais um English & Action com muitas novidades, mas é muito importante a sua ajuda para que a chegada seja tranquila e possamos começar as atividades com as crianças rapidamente. Para isso nossos convidados especiais tem algumas instruções super importantes:

1) It is very important to separate the luggage on the buses. Children staying in NR 1 must have all of their luggage separate from the children and teenagers who will go to NR 2.

2) Arrival in NR 1 is scheduled to take between 10 and 15 minutes only, following with the other students to NR 2 as quickly as possible

3) Our photography team will photograph the arrival of each group and send the images to Facebook and the camp site as soon as possible.

4) We recommend that each school have an agreement to notify parents of arrival if you realize that this is important. Using Whatsapp is an option, but we do not recommend groups because they can generate controversy. One option is to use the broadcast list tool

5) We will update our “Diário de Bordo” on the website with the arrival information of the schools, as well as a photo album on Facebook

6) We wish you all a good trip and we are ready for your arrival.

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